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In the Rain

my heart is pounding in my chest, as the rain pours over me, I cant move, I cant breathe, could it be? I need to know if what I see was real, I long for it to be real, but in my heart I know it cant be, i’m in a dream, it has toContinue reading “In the Rain”


I need to be in love, I need to be needed, I want to be wanted, I miss the feeling of soft lips being pressed against my own, I miss being held like it was the end of the world, Like nothing else mattered but me…but us, It hurts to look around and see thatContinue reading “When?”

North America

We all remember the poem of Christopher Columbus sailing the ocean blue in 1492. Then discovering North America, which he thought was India, but it turned out he discovered new land. Well before he discovered it, it was sparsely inhabited and had only two permanent civilization, the Hopewell, and the Anasazi civilizations. Spain, France, andContinue reading “North America”

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