History on Africa

Africa is a very well know content. It is mostly known for its dry lands and for being home to the largest river in the world, the Nile River. We also think of Egypt when we think of Africa. Egypt is the oldest African civilization. It was conquered twice before 500 AD, once by the Persians and again by the Roman Empire. After 600 AD the people of Africa adopted the religion Islam and it is still their religion today, (along with Christianity). Islam is the religion of the Muslims. Where Allah is god and Muhammad is prophet to that god.

Ethiopia is another big African civilization. It is located in East Africa. It currently a Christian style country but was an Arab style country for many years.It is one of the two countries that form the horn on the map of Africa. Ethiopia is quite unique because it is the only African region not governed by an outside country. It is a sovereign nation throughout its entire history, unlike any other African country.

In Central and Western Africa, minor changes occured between 500 and 1750 AD, like the development of more tribal nations, but other than that no major changes were made. Many European nations wanted to colonize parts of Africa to promote slave trades. They also realized that Africa had rich natural resources and soon began to harvest them.

Africa is a beloved continent, not only by those who live there, but also thoses who visit. If you ever decide to visit Africa you should see Abu Simbel in Egypt, or the Giza Pyramids. Both of these are beautiful historical monuments. If you ever have the chance to visit Africa do not pass it up. I guarantee you will be amazed.

Discovering the temples of Abu Simbel | cazenove+loyd
Abu Simbel Temple

GIZA Pyramids

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