How I Control My Small Expenses

                 In order to control my small expenses, I set a goal. Usually that goal involves something that I want. For instance, I have been saving up for a leather jacket. That is my goal, so I do not buy anything until that goal has been reached. So, no buying any small items when I go into the store. I usually leave my wallet in the car in order to avoid temptations. (It really helps that I am not the shopping type.)                                        

I have not been saving for large payment items such as a car, or an apartment. To be honest I never really think about it. I will do my best to change that. I will also be opening a bank account in the next few months so I will not be overwhelmed the amount of money I keep at hand. I usually lend money to friends and family members (because I know they would do the same) by doing so, some minor issues occur. I also never really get it back. So, from now on I will work on trying not lending money.

 When I do begin to save for my large payment items (like a car or an apartment), I will be even more limited to what I buy. I will have a set amount of money I could spend a week… nothing more than decided. By doing this my spending will be more controlled and before I know it my next goal will have been reached

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