Three of my life stories


Before I came to Texas and was adopted, I lived in Missouri in a not so good environment. I usually missed school to take care of my siblings Ryan (3) and Sophia (5). One day the school realized I had missed several days at school, so I was forced to go one day. (My house was across the street from my school.) during school while I was at outside playing kickball for P.E. Sophia saw me and began coming towards me. Me and several teachers ran to her when we saw a bus coming. The bus driver did not see Sophia. So, I began to wave my hands to get his attention. He saw me and several teachers waving frantically. So, he began to slow down, but we all saw that he would not make it in time. So, ran even faster and grabbed her right before the bus could get to her. That maybe the scariest day of my life. It seemed like it was all in slow motion, right up until the second I had her in my arms. Not far after C.P.S came to take us away. It was Ryan’s birthday that day. I know I can never forget it.

Living in Texas has its ups and downs. I really miss the snow that Missouri promised every winter. However here it is not too cold to go outside. Two winters ago, in 2018 me and a few of my siblings had a competition on who could make the best fort in the woods with limited resources. The teams were me (12) and my older brother Luke (18) verses my nephew Jaxson (9) and my other older brother Aj (16). Again, this was two years ago right before Christmas. Luke and I got up early every morning to get a head start. We worked every day for hours. We were so excited, because while we worked the other boys were inside watching TV and eating pancakes. I honestly cannot remember how many meals Luke and I missed working on that fort. But it all worked out in our favor. We won that competition by a long shot. We were so proud. It looked like a house you would see if you imagined Indian houses so many years ago, but it worked. We had a fireplace that worked and a door to keep the cold out, while our competition only had the bones of their fort done. I had so much fun that week and even though it was just a fort I felt a little sense of pride.

Since I did spend 10 years of my life in Missouri in a not so kid friendly place, I never got to see the ocean. I always thought it would be beautiful, but I could only imagine and daydream. Until I came to Texas. When my parents heard I had never been to the ocean, they began to plan a vacation to Galveston. I was so nervous and happy; I could hardly wait. For weeks I held my breath in excitement. I already had my bags pact a few days before the trip. The day we left small Nacogdoches to go see the ocean was a wonderful day. In the car my brothers and I sang and ate junk food. Luke even found a way to put me in a headlock, but not even that could ruin my mood. When we finally arrived, I knew. I could smell the salt in the air. We got to our rented beach house. And I saw the ocean. More beautiful than anything I could have imagined. It was perfect. The days we spent there seemed to go by within minutes, but I will always remember the day my daydreams came true.

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