Three Ways I Can Use My Time Better

                One way I can better my time is watching less TV. After school I am tiered of thinking or using my brain. So, I watch TV, but let’s say I don’t watch TV after school. I could use the time in a different and more productive way. Such as cleaning the house or preparing supper. Those would more productive ways to spend my time.

         It would also be more productive to get a job done right the first time. If I did a poor job cleaning. I have to come back and do it all over again. It would be so much easier and less time consuming to get it done correctly the very first time, instead of wasting not only my time, but also the time of my family.

        Now I know his sounds a little bit funny, but if I spent the same amount of cleaning that I do in my room from arguing with my parents, the house would always be spotless. When I get in trouble for arguing with my siblings or my parents it is a huge waste of my time and their time. So, if I just control my mouth and get in less trouble I could use that time in a way more productive way.


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