I need to be in love,

I need to be needed,

I want to be wanted,

I miss the feeling of soft lips being pressed against my own,

I miss being held like it was the end of the world,

Like nothing else mattered but me…but us,

It hurts to look around and see that so many have that sparkle in their eyes that I so desperately long for,

I pray that they hold on to it… and never let go,

If you do…it may never come back,

Why can’t everything be black and white?

Good and bad,

Why can’t guys wear a sign that says “heartbreaker…beware”?

Why am I alone?

Will I ever find love?

What is wrong with me?

I have cried more tears thinking about those questions then any other,

I’m so done being unwanted, being lonely,

I’m done hurting,

I just long for the answer to my unanswered question,



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