In the Rain

my heart is pounding in my chest,

as the rain pours over me,

I cant move,

I cant breathe,

could it be?

I need to know if what I see was real,

I long for it to be real,

but in my heart I know it cant be,

i’m in a dream,

it has to be,

because only in my dreams did you tell me you loved me,

that you always loved me,

so…no this cant be real,

I will wake up at any point now,

but I don’t… because i’m not asleep,

this is real,

we are in the rain and you told me you loved me,

and it was the rain that we shared our first kiss


      1. I am so sorry I did’t see this. Love, it is so powerful, and interesting to me, I feel like the cause for most of our problems is lack of love for one another. Love is such a blessing to the world, personally have never been in love, but I’ve loved, and been loved. And it truly is a wonderful feeling, knowing you can count on someone to always have your back. I hope I answered your question.


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