To the Grave

I cant hold it in anymore,

You said we had forever,

You lied,

I know i’m not supposed to be mad but I am,

You left me… and now all I know is pain,

I wake up and I cry,

Because the dreams I had of you felt so real, but when I reach over to touch you… I remember,

Your gone,

Never to return back to me,

Some days I even pray for my own death, just so I can hear your voice,

I never want your face to fade from my dreams,

Your voice from my memories,

I wish to feel the pain I feel today, forever until we meet again,

That way when I do forget the sound of your voice, and your devious smile, I can always remember you by my pain,

By the sorrow you left me with,

I will carry you with me where ever I go,

And you will always be the one,

Who took my heart to the grave


  1. I know that pain, It doesn’t really go away, in my experience, but it softens and it changes. For years, after my daughter died, I would slip into depression every time it rained. One day I started writing, about her and about the rain. That one short poem changed so much. No, I can’t physically hold her again. However, in the rain, I can now hear her laughter.
    Be kind to yourself on your journey. Léa x


    1. Thank you so much for sharing. I cant express how sorry I am for your loss. Though I have not lost my husband like it is described in my poem, I have lost several people dear to me… thank you for your concern, I send my prayers

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      1. I agree that we have to continue living when a member of your family has not, if we go through life waiting to be hurt, we wont be disappointed, but is we go through it smiling it will rub off on other people. Not saying if you smile you wont get hurt, I’m saying that hurt will hurt less.

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      2. One of the nicest things about smile is how contagious they are. I remember walking in Manhattan years ago and smiling at everyone. I received a lot of them in return and a few odd looks… 😉 Merci beaucoup.


      3. It was a very early lesson for me. Alas, the person I most wanted to make smile, was lost. I couldn’t bring my father back. He kept fighting his war that was long before I was born. Nothing could reach him. However, I found many others over the years with a more positive response. I love the way it makes me feel when I see someone smiling at me.


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