Mortality of Work and Wealth

“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer”

Most of us have no doubt heard that saying, but do we ever stop to think on the meaning? I believe it is saying the more the rich gain the more the poor loses. Now I don’t know if that is all one-hundred percent true, but I do know this. It is not wrong for the rich to have a lot of money. Many worked very hard to get that money, others gained it through their inheritance. Who are we to tell them that they can’t have the money that was promised to them? It is not our place. And even if they did not work hard and earn that money, someone in their family did. So, is it immoral for some people to have more money than others? Absolutely not. There are several reasons the poor are poor, almost none are the effect of laziness. The poor work hard too, and there could be hundreds of reasons why they have less money. One would be they didn’t have the opportunity that the rich did, like college for an example. Others didn’t want or long for the life of luxury, they where happy where they were. It shouldn’t matter to the world how much money you have or what your social status is, but sadly it does. You are treated differently depending on how much money you have, but that does not mean it is unjust for some to have more wealth than others. Your future is what you make it. No one else has power over your decisions, you can’t give up because life is unfair, that will never change, but you get up and you move on. Make the most of what you got, and never let the world tell you that you can’t do it.

Published by Bella Riley

I love tea, poetry, books, and all sorts of movies...especially the ones with vampires

6 thoughts on “Mortality of Work and Wealth

  1. Interesting read…somewhat true from one pair of spects…though if we add love, then a rich (money wise) can be very poor & vice-versa…what I’m saying is that it depends on how we look at the rich & poor…although I do agree with you upto a certain point…status wise on the eyes of common person


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