Turning Points In My Life

 In every life there are at least a few major turning points. Not all of them have the same measure of effect. Mine affected everything, especially my future.

I would have to say that the death of my biological father had a serious impact, not just on me and not all bad. My biological father died when I was three, in a house fire. Not far after my biological mother remarried and had two beautiful kids. They were without a doubt the highlight of my life. Right after my little sister was born, my stepfather died. We moved to a different town to live with my biological grandmother. Leading us to where my siblings and I were eventually taken by CPS.

Another turning point for me. After my siblings and I were taken, we were placed in different homes. Ryan and Sophia were taken to live with our stepsister, while I was moved from house to house. Leading me to Texas to live with a beautiful, funny, goofy family.

Two years later I was adopted in Texas and Ryan and Sophia were adopted by our stepsister, their new mom, in Missouri. I do miss them sometimes, but I remember that they are safe and with a family that truly loves them with all of their heart, (as am I).

There is a lot of drama in between those points, but I will spare you the confusion for now. No matter how bad it got, there was always a silver lining. I know I’m not perfect and I did some stupid stuff in Missouri and in Texas. I also know that there are other kids out there needing a home, kids that deserve a home. Please don’t be like the other people and forget about them. Adoption gave me a new life and a better chance of surviving it. Other kids deserve the chance as well.


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