Forever Frozen In Time

she looks in the mirror and silently sobs,

afraid of the beast that stares back,

hating what she sees, she turns away

in her eyes she is hideous,

pain and self- hate roll down her face with each blink,

as her lifeless body steps onto the scale,

the word unlovable never ceases to enter her head,

little does she know that she is already loved by so many,



but the uplifting words of her friends are never taken to heart,

they are all beautiful, what do they know of her pain?

so she shuts them out,

terrified of being alone, she tries everything to fill that void,

and the only thing that seems to help, are the things that she has been warned about her entire life,

pill by pill her pain vanishes,

but so does she,

until one pill is her last pill,

no one saw it coming,

the girl that was so full of beauty, warmth, and joy now lies in a wooden box,

forever frozen in time


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