The Path That Leads Towards Life

Abortion is one of the biggest problems of today.  About 146 helpless lives are taken each day in Texas alone. Over 3,000 a day in the U.S.

I know many women feel like abortion is their only choice, but that is so not true. I personally know families who would give anything to be able to have children. I know it may not feel like it, but you women are so blessed. Even if you don’t want children, at least it’s an option you have for the future. That is the beauty of adoption. You can choose to be in the child’s life, or you can choose to walk away. I personally don’t understand how killing a child is even an option. I was saved by adoption. As were my siblings.  And as are 135,000 children who are adopted it the U.S. each year.

Life is a miracle. So just as your life is important, so is the life of each unborn child. Every beat of the heart is a moment to be cherished, so who are we to steal the beat of a life waiting for their moment.

I know that this will probably make many people mad and or upset, but how will anybody take life seriously, if people are afraid to call it how they see it.  Abortion is murder. I know most of you have heard other people say that, but only because it is so important to understand. How else do you explain taking the life of a child. Many say that they are not a person yet, because they don’t have thoughts of their own. So, if that is the case, people who are brain dead, are no longer people, therefor their lives are worthless? If that’s true are all people with disabilities a just a waste of air?

That sounds horribly familiar. Then again it is the same concept Hitler used to excuse what he was doing. He was deciding who deserves to live or die, and that is exactly what our government is allowing.

I may not be responsible for a life of an unwanted child, but neither are you. For 9 months you are making and carrying a child, then you can hand it off to someone who will actually love it and care for it, because everybody deserves to know the love of a parent. What are those nine months compared to the years of work it will take to raise that child?

I may sound like every other person that is pro-life, like I’m lecturing and shaming, but that is so not the case. I am pushing you to the path that leads toward life.


  1. This is another beautiful sharing….it has touched my heart deeply….you’re the light…is what I want to say…keep writing….expressing from the deeper you….❤️✨

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  2. It’s true, but we can never generalize one’s attitude towards some crucial event in their life.
    There are medical conditions which prevent a person from being able to give birth, then there are genetic conditions which will definitely be a very serious factor and then there are different ages of women who come from all walks of life and they have very distinct circumstances.
    In any country where abortion was punishable as a criminal act, women died and got disabled for life, got life-threatening infections or worse, simply bled to death if they tried to find an illegal way to carry out abortion.
    It’s not a simple matter, and while life is a miracle, the situations which make a women to decide for such a horrible step are all kinds of. We cannot apply to all of them the same criteria and feel disgusted they did this.
    I’m not sure how old you are, but I’ve observed living on 2 continents for more than 6 decades that nothing is simple and has only one side. There is always, on the other hand …
    With age, we acquire more tolerance and more understanding for matters which we disagree with.
    I still believe the best is a person and any woman has a choice and is free to decide for herself.
    Interesting blog, I just do not share always the popular opinion which is supposed to cause positive reaction.
    I think your life experience is very unique in this regard, and, certainly, a reason to feel happy for every new life.


    1. I understand what you are saying. Your entitled to your opinion. I truly understand that thing are rarely what they seem, and that are a few cases that you mentioned where it’s no longer based on right and wrong, but life and death. I’ve never been pregnant, I’ve never even been in love, so i’m not trying to say that i get what these women are going through, because i don’t. however, my opinions stays the same, a life is to precious to just throw away. I know i sound like a stubborn teenage, but i don’t believe that doctors whose rule is to do no harm, should save a life one day only to kill one another,


  3. Hi. I trust you don’t mind me using your comment space to say ‘hi’. I noticed you started following me and that made me smile😎 I hope you can find something that’s speaks to you as I make my journey. Great to have you along


    1. well hi to you as well Wic. I am glad I made you smile, everyone needs a good smile now and then. I am fairly certain that I will find great pleasure watching you go through you journey, I wish you all the luck my new friend!

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  4. I know that after my abortion I felt a lot of relief. While there are many philosophical debates on the topic, those are things that individuals have to debate themselves. It’s not something I don’t think about, however, it’s also a choice I made fully understanding why I made the choice at all.

    To put this into a number perspective, abortion rates drop when quality of life for people improves. Most who make the choice to abort a healthy child do so early in the pregnancy and do so because of poverty. We lose more people in the United States a year because they get turned away for not having health insurance. More people die in Emergency Rooms being refused treatment than those that die in abortions. And the abortion total does include still births, and other incredibly traumatic experiences of ectopic pregnancies, fetal defects, or an abusive partner. These things led to tragic back ally abortions, and those elicit surgeries are what allowed Roe v. Wade to prevail.

    This is why I believe whole-heartedly that the end to all of these tragedies starts by providing healthcare to our fellow men. Ensuring that people all have access to shelter, food, education, and opportunity equally. While I do not believe that atrocities will ever end in my lifetime, I do believe that we could all stop judging one another and look for a cohesive answer to the symptoms of suffering.

    I say these things because I truly believe our compassion for those who have a voice will truly lead towards life in its fullest expression. Thank you for reading my words, I hope you find common ground and empathy in the reasoning, even if you don’t understand how a person could make the choice to have an abortion. I can only share opinions on things as I see them from my perspective.


  5. I just had this conversation with my daughter. I had her young & never thought once about abortion! She, among many millenials, said that the child can’t even think yet, just as you mentioned, so it’s not killing someone. Maybe you can use my argument if someone uses this on you again. I showed extremely early because I weighed about 98lbs when I became pregnant, 118lb when I delivered. About 12 weeks into my pregnancy, my brother & I began playing games with her. We’d shine a flashlight on one side of my abdomen & she’d move to that side. Immediately move it to the other side, & she’d follow it. She also loved music. Anytime it was loud enough for her to hear she constantly moved, which is funny because babies usually wait for Mommy to lay down to sleep to move because they’re no longer being rocked back & forth to sleep with her movements. You can never make me believe that that is not conscious thought. When I had my son years later he did the same things! God created the most beautiful thing in pregnancy. My babies are the only ones who know what my heartbeat sounds like from the inside.


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