Getting in Shape for Less

                I understand the longing to get in shape. I believe at one point we’ve all felt that desire. We work-out, eat better, do all these things just so we feel better about ourselves. Other times we need to lose weight for health issues.

I know a lot of people who go and get memberships at a gym, and that is totally fine if you use it. Me and my family are the kind of people who think we will use the membership all the time, but go once and then never go again, and that is such a huge waste of money. I’ve always believed that you can do all the thing you do in a gym, at home with the same or even better results.

There are several ways to lose weight cheap. I like the Idea of watching and copying work-out YouTube videos. Simple moves that are effective and efficient. Or you could also rent and or buy equipment. If, however, you are to buy, I suggest buying used items.

I have a hard time remembering that I don’t have to have the newest and the best things. A lot of the time the off brand works the same and sometimes better than the super expensive ones. However, saying that, sometimes the off brand may cost less, but needs to be attended to more often (fixed). So, you have to decide what’s more flexible, your time or your money? If your really busy, than you would spend the money to get something you know will work, but if you money is more important than your time, and you wouldn’t mind taking some time to fix what need to be fixed, then go for the cheaper solution.

Don’t base what you do with your money, on what other people do with theirs. Everybody is unique and the way they live is even more so. Trust your instincts. And don’t make these decisions alone. If your married talk to your partner, make sure their abord.

These decisions aren’t life and death. Be aware, but don’t stress over it. Like I said, don’t let what you see other people doing with their money, affect your decisions to do what’s best for you.

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