The Gold Rush of 1849

The California Gold Rush began when gold nuggets were found in Sacrament Valley, in 1848. It was by far one of the most significant events to take place in the beginning of 19th century. As word of the discovery spread, thousands of gold miners traveled far and wide to get to San Francisco, many from places such as Oregon, Mexico, Hawaii and even China, all in hope that they too would strike it rich.

By the end of 1849, the settler population in San Francisco was about 100,000. A some of $2 billion worth of precious metals was removed from the area during the time of the Gold Rush, and it continued to go up as it peaked in 1852.

The first man to discover this valuable mineral was James Wilson Marshall, on January 24, 1848. He was working to build a water powered sawmill owned by John Sutter when he discovered the flakes of gold in the American River.

We all have this dream of being more, the California Gold Rush gave life to that dream.  It changed people. Some for the better other for the worst. So many different people gathered together with the same dream. It’s beautiful really, and it’s what makes our country so great.

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