What’s Meant to be will be

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It’s to early to say,

whether my heart knows it’s way.

Whether my love is true or fake.

The beauty in your eyes,

catches me by surprise.

It is no longer a matter of if,

but how.

How can you take away my pain with a smile?

I know the butterflies in my stomach,

are all because of you.

Color spreads my face,

as we lock eyes from across the room.

Do you feel the same?

Can our love burn like a flame?

It feels like so much more than a crush,

but rather a crushing feeling in my chest, with every touch

You fill every box

Is it to good to be true?

I thought I knew what I wanted,

but the minute our eyes met…

what I wanted was you.

It is more than desire.

More than attraction.

It’s more than words.

Your laugh lingers in my head,

like a song with no end.

I replay the memory of us dancing over and over in my head,

so that i never forget.

My hand fits in yours,

like the last piece of a puzzle.

The way we laughed at each misstep.

At every clumsy mistake we make.

But I know you deserve more than what I can give.

A girl full of beauty.

A girl with no scars.

All I want is your happiness…

With or without me.

Every bone in my body longs to tell you how I feel.

But rejection is scarier than my what-ifs.

I want to know what it is like to be the one you love.

The one you want.

So I pray my time will come…

and repeat in my head…

what’s meant to be will be


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