Master of Disguise

Blue Face Painting by Mary-Ann Neale

Can’t you see the pain your putting her through?

When she cries all through the night,

thinking of you.

Nothing’s stronger than a mother’s love.

She’ll hold you tight,

even when it’s tough.

But I see her smile fade each call,

my fear is one day she’ll wake up…

with nothing at all.

Her beauty replaced,

with red puffy eyes.

A woman in pain,

a master of disguise.

You call from a place,

of danger and hate.

One without love.

One without shame.

Consequences for every crime,

and still she puts her love on the line.

Sacrificing her heart,

to do what is right.

Missing her son,

every day and night.

Seeing her smile,

such a wonderful sight.

Replacing the frown,

that held on so tight.

She conquers all that is in her way

facing obstacles full of pain.

And like a warrior she survives,

every battle and every fight.

Every hard and unfair time,

she faces with her head held up high.

I see now who I want to become.

A woman strong and fierce.

A woman like my mom.


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