I don’t know y’all personally, but I can guarantee that you all have your selfish moments, I know for a fact that I do. But that doesn’t mean you’re a narcissist. Narcissists only care about themselves. They don’t have selfish moments, it is just their life. Their everyday. It is also said that they can’t feel empathy for others because they think of themselves as more important than others.

There are so many symptoms of narcissism. Every one of them are centered around their wants and needs. They believe they deserve the best of everything. They look down on others as inferior. They know themselves to be perfect or without flaw.

To me this sounds like every teen out there, and I admit that I can be self-centered, and judgy, but who isn’t sometimes. I know I’m not perfect. Not even a little close. But this does not make me or y’all a narcissist. Just because you have symptoms doesn’t mean you have the disease.

There are people in this world who are narcissists. They check every box. They don’t care for other people’s emotions. They want things to be done their way at all times, even if their way isn’t the best way.

This isn’t a person who you can have a healthy relationship with. They hurt and they don’t care who. We all have people who come to mind with this description. Some are violent others not. Some strike with their fist’s others with their words. Neither safe to be around sometimes.

But we have to treat this like every other disease. With patients and cautiousness. If people try hard enough, they can change, but only if they have people supporting them along the way. Pushing them to be better. It’s not easy to change to change things about yourself. So if they’re willing to take the step, help them over the finish line.


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