My Coffee Shop Plans

So, in my last essay I described what I wanted my future to hold. In this one I’m responding to one of my teacher’s questions… “if I decided to run a business what would it be, and would I have a partner, if so, how many?”

In my last essay I never mentioned wanting to own my own business, well that’s because I don’t.  Nothing wrong with it, I just don’t know if it would be for me. But if I had to choose, I think I would enjoy running a coffee shop.

All of my family and friends are coffee people. Like most people it gets them through each day. It even makes a bad day good. I think I’d like to be apart of that.

Owning my own coffee shop would be challenging, so I would probably have a business partner. Just one would work out fine. Someone I know and trust. Also, someone who could handle the business part while I handle the actual customers and orders.

We would be located in a small town like the one I live in now. A collage town probably, so some of the students could work for us, but also so we could guarantee that we would have a consistent number of customers, because we all know that collage students need their coffee.

We would buy a building with two floors. Lots of tables for people to work and enjoy their purchased item. Our menu would of course consist of coffee, teas, and some pastries (muffins, cookies, etc…)

We would also have a few days out of the week where parents can bring their kids and we would have crafts and stories while the parents visit and enjoy their coffee, worry and kid free for a few hours. We would have several people helping out with the children. So, they would be in safe hands. But we have a rule if your kids are here so are you, no dropping of your kids and leaving, unless they are old enough to care for themselves (13, 14, 15 +).

We would have a drive through for the people in a hurry, and an app for those who want to stay in their car and have their drink ordered ahead of time. Then all you would have to do is park in the spot assigned for those who order online, and call or text that you are there in whatever car your in. Simple and efficient.
I would really enjoy that I believe. Getting to be apart of peoples lives, even for a second. And I would be helping people, even if it’s not the way I expected. I would definitely say that owning a coffee shop is in the list of possibilities.

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