Writing an Autobiography

There are so many reasons to write an autobiography. Many had an interesting life and want to share that, others just want their name out there, but then there are the people who have had tough and painful lives, they share so others can relate. They tell their stories, as hard as it is to do so, because they know many others have gone trough similar trials in their lives. I truly believe their goal is helping other lost souls find their way, rather than doing it for the attention, or to have people feel sorry for them. There are authors like that out there. Our world is full of people who only look out for themselves. They might even lie to get a good story.

          In school, as I attempt to write an autobiography, I find that it’s a lot harder than it looks or seems. It is about a lot more than telling your story, it’s also about making your readers feel and experience what you went through, with your choice of words. That seems to be what I’m struggling with the most. The connecting part.

It is especially hard to write an autobiography at 15 because I haven’t done a lot with my life. I’m just starting to figure out who I am. What I like. If I don’t know all of this how am I supposed to write an autobiography about it?

However, for adults who know who they are, know what makes them, them, it would make more sense. And it may be easier to look back on their lives and recognize the struggle that the younger version of themselves went through. And people of all ages can relate to what they read. And isn’t that the point of writing an autobiography, so that people of all ages can connect to the author and their words.

I have come to respect authors a lot more than I did before. It takes dedication to write a book, whether it’s autobiographies or romance novels, it’s a lot of work. It may not be physical work, but it pushes your imagination, and memory far more than others.

Even if you don’t think your life was very impactful or interesting, that may be something people can relate to. But you must be dedicated to your story or your book will never be a success. Trust that what you went through in life happened for a reason, and that reason just may be you connecting to others through your book.

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