Perfect Love

Ambulance and Emergency Lights Stock Footage,#Emergency#Ambulance#Lights#Footage  | Ambulance, Nurse aesthetic, Emt paramedic

He was broken,

she was frozen in a life no longer hers

Apart, they were just two damaged people that never belonged,

but together, together the shattered fragments of their heart fit together perfectly.

They understood each other, understood every look the other gave, understood what each slight touch meant,

when he traces the lines on her palm with his finger, she knows that he loves her

when she sang along to a song he wrote, he knew they would be together forever

it was the little thing that were the most intimate,

all they would have to do was be in the same room and sparks would fly

there had never been a love like theirs

strong, and immortal

their hearts beats in sync,

and they beat for one another,

time no longer mattered,

because they had forever,

but their forever was cut short by a drunk driver,

there was a scream,

then there was a crash,

glass scattered across the highway,

sirens were heard miles away,

but it was too late,

when they found the couple, nobody had words,

tears slid quietly down there faces…

there he was, holding her in his arms, but neither of them were breathing

even in death he held her close,

protecting her,

he died trying to save her,

and she died in his arms,

there they laid,

just two broken people,

in a broken world,

with a perfect love

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