Remember or Forget

I have a question for y’all.

So here it is: if you found the person who makes you feel like anything was possible. The person that gives you butterflies just by looking your way. Sparks when you kiss. Goosebumps when they touch you. The person that makes love possible. If you found the person you couldn’t live without, and they were taken from you, never to return. But you had a choice. Remember or forget. To remember would be to feel everything, remember everything. Every thing reminds you of them. It hurts to breathe, hurts to think, but you remember every beautiful moment you shared together. Every touch, kiss, and I love you. All of it. Or, forget. To forget would be like they never existed. You will never feel that overwhelming pain. That feeling of despair every time you wake up without them. But you would also never experience that kind of love again. Never experience that feeling of adoration … it would just be gone. You may still find love again, just not as strong or effortless.

So my question is, Which would you choose?

Remember or Forget

I know it is a hard one, I still haven’t figured out my answer. This question combines my two biggest fears. Being alone, and losing someone I love. But I would love to hear you thoughts and answers on it.

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