Around and Around (Part 1)

I put my hand to my face and with a shriek I cry. I imminently hate myself for it, when I see a smile form across his face. Just another victim to the addiction. No! I refuse that title! I try to stand and am met with a rapid kick to the rib. This time I hold in my scream. Every part of me is telling me to run and hide. But I can’t. I can’t stand. I can’t fight. I lie there taking his blows. I know how bad he will feel later, when he see’s my scars, my bruises. He will hate himself. So another drink he takes. Around and around we go. Always in a circle.

He hasn’t been the same since mom died. So I stay. I put up with it. I love him, I can’t help but love him, he is my dad, but with every drink I fear for my life. When he finally gets tired, I help him to bed. He mumbles his apologies as he drifts to sleep. Today was different. Today was worse. So much worse, because today, was her birthday.

I go to the floor where my blood formed a puddle surrounding what was left of the lamp he threw. I try my best to clean it but I get dizzy. The next thing I know I wake up surrounded by doctors. They tell me I’m ok, but I don’t believe them. I feel like my head is going to explode. I want to tell them but I can’t stay awake long enough. The days pass as I sleep. When I woke I saw a woman messing with one of the machines next to me. She is a heavy woman with dark skin. But that wasn’t the first thing I noticed. The first the I noticed was her pity smile. I always hated that smile, I got it a lot after losing my mom. It takes me a second to realize that the nurse is trying to talk to me. I snap back into focus.

“Sorry, what did you say?” I asked trying not to sound annoyed.

The nurse, began talking again. “I said welcome back. You have been out for a while. But also that the medication will start to kick in in a few minutes.”

“Oh, ok thank you…” it takes me a second to see her name tag, “Miss. Connie.”

“Not a problem dear.” She says as she walks to the door. Then it hits me.

“Wait, Miss. Connie, how did I get to the hospital? What is wrong with me? Where is my dad?”

“Ok, slow down one thing at a time. First, a nice young man brought you in. He says his name is Josh.”

Oh no I forgot Josh was going to pick me up! Josh is my best friend. Has been for years. Though if I am going to be honest I have had a crush on him for almost as long. We met when I first moved into town when I was 6. We hit it off right away. Now we are both 17 and seniors, and are still just as close. But he has never, not once found me in that state. I made sure of it. Not until now anyway.

Miss. Connie brings my attention back onto her. “Second thing, the doctor will be in, in about 15 minutes to talk to you about your condition. As for your father, he the one that did that to you…?” she paused and waited for me to answer. “It’s complicated Miss. Connie.”

She scoffed and shook her head. “It always is my dear. Well anyway there will be some officers coming to talk to you after a while about that. But until then, the young man that brought you in has been waiting to see you, mind if he comes in?”

I shook my head, “no that is fine.” I replied. I am nervous. I don’t want him to see me like this, but I also don’t want to be alone. A second after Miss. Connie waves him in, he enters my room.

(first short story so it is a little rough. But if you like it please let me know. Will have more coming up soon if y’all like it)

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