Light and Dark | Slimber.com

In my dreams, fairytales come true,

In my dream it’s just me and you,

Hand in hand,

Cheek on cheek.

God was merciful to let us meet.

Some dream of money and success,

While others dream of rainbows and happiness.

My dreams are one of a selfish act,

Where I love you and you love me back.

I know in reality we are far apart,

And I was destined for a broken heart.

Born unto the shadows gloom and grey,

While you were born of light,

Destined to help others find their way

Although it saddens me when you fade during the day,

I look forward to the night,

Where our love is there to stay


  1. It’s been a while since you’ve been on wordpress, right? The poem really touched. And it followed very nicely! Super good!


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