Fake Smile,

Fake Laugh,

Fake Me,

People see what they want to see,

Forcing me to be who they want me to be,

They look,

But they can’t see me,

I’m invisible,

And they are blind,

Blind to what is right in front of them,

I’m waving,


Trying to get their attention,

But I’m failing,

There is no point,

Even if they saw,

Nothing would change,

I would still be the girl who was a mistake,

I’m tired of the act,

But it’s all I have left,

I have no idea who I am behind the mask,

I can no longer see the difference between the real and fake me,

And it scares me,

It scares me because I see all of these people who know who they are,

And know what they want,

And I’m lost,

Desperately grasping at the truth,

But I’m stranded in a world of lies,

And it’s dark,

I’m running frantically,


With no destination,

That’s what it feels like,

Like I am in a tunnel,

Searching for light,

But there is none,

I am being consumed y the darkness,

And the darkness is me,

Not the real me,

But the fake me,

If there is a difference anymore

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