I had this idea,

That she was just your friend,

I saw all the signs,

Yet I still couldn’t comprehend,

That you love her,

That she is who you choose,

That your heart belongs to her,

And I have to cut you loose,

I bet you gave her your hoodie,

And she wears it everyday,

And she gave you her scrunchy,

And it’s on your wrist to stay,

I bet your thinking about forever,

With her by your side,

Hand and hand together,

Swimming against the tide,

But all I can think about,

Is that playlist you made for her,

Where you poured out your heart,

A painful little reminder,

That she is your life now,

And I am just a friend,

I’m going to have to allow,

That this is just the end,

So goodbye,

I know that you feel guilty,

And that you shouldn’t be,

Because if I really do love you,

I’ll have to set you free

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