Beautiful Missed Moments

Comforting me after a bad dream,

teaching me to ride a bike,

pretending you love the gross Father’s day breakfast I made you,

you teaching me to defend myself,

me telling you I like a boy and you immediately hating him,

learning to drive,

my first date,

my first job,

my first heartbreak,

helping me with homework,

another boy,




him asking you permission for my hand,

you walking me down the aisle holding back tears,

meeting your new grand baby.

All of these moments ceased to exist when you did.

All of opportunities died in the same fire as you.

I was 3!! I didn’t understand why daddy wasn’t coming home!

I was confused and I was hurting.

I still am sometimes, when I think about you.

so I try really hard not to.

But I had a birthday recently.

That’s 14 now, that you missed.

I wish you could see me now daddy, I’m all grown up.

I want to say I miss you, but I never got to know you.

I will say this….

I miss all the beautiful missed moments that left with you.

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