Beaten, Broken, Trapped, Faith stripped with every slap. Degrading, Manipulative, Controlling, Suffocating while you’re holding me. Alone, Afraid, Encaged, When was it that you changed? Done, Finished, Through, How deep can I cut to? Relief, Happy, Free, It is finally safe for me.


I had this idea, That she was just your friend, I saw all the signs, Yet I still couldn’t comprehend, That you love her, That she is who you choose, That your heart belongs to her, And I have to cut you loose, I bet you gave her your hoodie, And she wears it everyday, … More


Fake Smile, Fake Laugh, Fake Me, People see what they want to see, Forcing me to be who they want me to be, They look, But they can’t see me, I’m invisible, And they are blind, Blind to what is right in front of them, I’m waving, Screaming, Trying to get their attention, But I’m … More


With each dark thought I see red, All I can picture is red, Red everywhere, Red consuming me, I’m drowning in it, Suffocating, Searching for a way out, but there is none, I’m alone, Always alone, Always red, My own voice screaming in my head, It wont go away, It’s always there, My only companion, … More


In my dreams, fairytales come true, In my dream it’s just me and you, Hand in hand, Cheek on cheek. God was merciful to let us meet. Some dream of money and success, While others dream of rainbows and happiness. My dreams are one of a selfish act, Where I love you and you love … More

Around and Around (Part 1)

I put my hand to my face and with a shriek I cry. I imminently hate myself for it, when I see a smile form across his face. Just another victim to the addiction. No! I refuse that title! I try to stand and am met with a rapid kick to the rib. This time … More

Remember or Forget

I have a question for y’all. So here it is: if you found the person who makes you feel like anything was possible. The person that gives you butterflies just by looking your way. Sparks when you kiss. Goosebumps when they touch you. The person that makes love possible. If you found the person you … More

Perfect Love

He was broken, she was frozen in a life no longer hers Apart, they were just two damaged people that never belonged, but together, together the shattered fragments of their heart fit together perfectly. They understood each other, understood every look the other gave, understood what each slight touch meant, when he traces the lines … More

The End

Our world is broken and falling apart, mountains crashing into the sea, waves demolishing cites, the sky red as blood, bodies washed up by the flood, cries heard from miles away, I can hear their agony and their pain, I see fire loose in the trees, birds flying to escape their destiny, I think back … More

Writing an Autobiography

There are so many reasons to write an autobiography. Many had an interesting life and want to share that, others just want their name out there, but then there are the people who have had tough and painful lives, they share so others can relate. They tell their stories, as hard as it is to … More


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