The End

Our world is broken and falling apart, mountains crashing into the sea, waves demolishing cites, the sky red as blood, bodies washed up by the flood, cries heard from miles away, I can hear their agony and their pain, I see fire loose in the trees, birds flying to escape their destiny, I think back … More

real talk with Bella (unedited version)

So story time… since i’m homeschooled i don’t get to see my friends a lot. so my parents signed me up to this home school group in August. we get together to go to the park every other Friday to hangout, we have dances… just like a normal school. well my first time i was … More

Writing an Autobiography

There are so many reasons to write an autobiography. Many had an interesting life and want to share that, others just want their name out there, but then there are the people who have had tough and painful lives, they share so others can relate. They tell their stories, as hard as it is to … More

My Coffee Shop Plans

So, in my last essay I described what I wanted my future to hold. In this one I’m responding to one of my teacher’s questions… “if I decided to run a business what would it be, and would I have a partner, if so, how many?” In my last essay I never mentioned wanting to … More

Facing Uncertainty

No matter how hard I try I always run headfirst into brick wall when it comes to God. I can see that our world and universe weren’t made by accident. That there is a purpose to everything, and to everyone. But how does an all seeing, all knowing God have time for me. When there … More


I don’t know y’all personally, but I can guarantee that you all have your selfish moments, I know for a fact that I do. But that doesn’t mean you’re a narcissist. Narcissists only care about themselves. They don’t have selfish moments, it is just their life. Their everyday. It is also said that they can’t … More

Master of Disguise

Can’t you see the pain your putting her through? When she cries all through the night, thinking of you. Nothing’s stronger than a mother’s love. She’ll hold you tight, even when it’s tough. But I see her smile fade each call, my fear is one day she’ll wake up… with nothing at all. Her beauty … More

Eliminating the Death Penalty

The death penalty was created in 1608 in America. It is out of date. These are peoples lives we are taking. Many people’s argument supporting the death penalty is that they are criminals. That a tiger doesn’t change its stripes. But how many people are the same person as they were five years ago let … More

What’s Meant to be will be

It’s to early to say, whether my heart knows it’s way. Whether my love is true or fake. The beauty in your eyes, catches me by surprise. It is no longer a matter of if, but how. How can you take away my pain with a smile? I know the butterflies in my stomach, are … More

Keto Help

Hello my amazing peeps!!! So like many, I made a New Years resolution to lose wait this year, and tbh I was putting it off. Until I saw a picture of myself the other day and couldn’t even recognize myself, so I decided then and there to do something about it. Today is 3-17-21 and … More


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