Only in Death

how could something so right turn out so wrong? the loved they shared was supposed to last for ever but was instead cut short by pain and anger until hatred took the place of that forever love piece by piece they chipped away each others happiness until there was nothing left driven by the grooms … More

The Gold Rush of 1849

The California Gold Rush began when gold nuggets were found in Sacrament Valley, in 1848. It was by far one of the most significant events to take place in the beginning of 19th century. As word of the discovery spread, thousands of gold miners traveled far and wide to get to San Francisco, many from … More

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, and died on April 15, 1865, at fifty-six, when he was assassinated by a Confederate sympathizer by the name of John Wilks Booth. Lincoln had four children, with his wife Mary Todd Lincoln, and their names were: Robert Todd Lincoln, Tad Lincoln, William Wallace Lincoln, and finally … More


Good morning my lovely peeps. Today is going to be a good day!! ik this is a long way from yesterday…. but i can feel it in my bones. today is my bday have half a day at school get ribs and coffee cake later so…… altogether sounds like a less sucky day to me!!!! … More


I have written so many essays, and to be honest as I was staring at my blank sheet on my computer, I had no Idea what to write about, so I decided to write about something closer to home, miracles. You would be surprised to hear how many people don’t believe in miracles, but I … More

Washington’s View on Slavery

Young Washington, like so many back in his time, gave no thought owning slaves.  It wasn’t until he led the American Colonies’ battle for independence, in the Revolutionary War, that his opinions on slavery gradually but drastically changed. At sixty-seven Washington began drafting his will. In it he declared that all one hundred twenty-three slaves, … More

How Literature Affects Me

I have always loved to read anything and everything. There are few things better than being cuddled up on a rainy day, with a good book and cup of tea.  Books are a blessing. They provide an opportunity to exit our world and enter the world of the characters. Just for a little bit you … More

James Monroe

James Monroe was a jack of all trades. He was a lawyer, a statesman, diplomat, founding father, but he is mostly known for being the fifth president of the United States. He was born on April 28, 1758 and died July 4, 1831 at the age of seventy- three. He was married to Elizabeth Monroe. … More


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