Beautiful Missed Moments

Comforting me after a bad dream, teaching me to ride a bike, pretending you love the gross Father’s day breakfast … More

Sweet Siren

Like a siren, your voice calls out to me, Like a siren, it pulls me in, I have no control, … More


I let the memory of you kill me, I join the world of the dead, I collapse before Lethe, and … More

This Is Me

(trigger warning: self harm, suicided, substance abuse, child abuse) Look, I’m going to tell you my story from beginning to … More


Beaten, Broken, Trapped, Faith stripped with every slap. Degrading, Manipulative, Controlling, Suffocating while you’re holding me. Alone, Afraid, Encaged, When … More


I had this idea, That she was just your friend, I saw all the signs, Yet I still couldn’t comprehend, … More


Fake Smile, Fake Laugh, Fake Me, People see what they want to see, Forcing me to be who they want … More


With each dark thought I see red, All I can picture is red, Red everywhere, Red consuming me, I’m drowning … More


In my dreams, fairytales come true, In my dream it’s just me and you, Hand in hand, Cheek on cheek. … More